Hire or Outsource IT?

Your IT needs are as complex as your budget is tight. You need to make sure you are getting the most bang for the buck that you spend on IT – and not just on infrastructure… it applies to IT labor as well.

Outsourcing IT isn’t an option for every business – but unless your firm is an IT service provider or a software developer, your IT department rarely gets an opportunity to showcase the depth of their skill set. IT “heavyweights” can burden the payroll but spend the majority of their workday on the repetitive and mundane day-to-day IT responsibilities. Nonetheless, you need that advance IT skill set…. and you have to have it immediately when you need it.

Some companies will find that with a solid infrastructure and a responsive IT partner-vendor, a hybrid of outsourcing/internal staff can be implemented – or IT can be outsourced altogether. The result can be a more cost-effective IT department supporting a network with improved performance and reliability.

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