Securing your network from both internal and external threats has never been more essential.

Data Networks

Data Networking

EVERYTHING runs on the network. A solid network infrastructure is a non-negotiable for these critical services.

Voice Networks

Voice Networking

Voice over IP is now the standard in business communication systems – we make sure IT is done right.

Network Monitoring

Preventive Maintenance: Network Monitoring

If a critical network component were to be compromised – or were to fail – how long would it be before it were discovered?

The purpose of Network Monitoring is to discover potential problems before it affects your business. Some of the events we monitor include but limited to are as follows:
– Internet Cyber Attacks
– Server Health
– Failed Login Attempts
– Availability of Mission-Critical components
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Concierge IT

Concierge IT versus Managed Services

While most IT service providers have moved to a managed-services (MSP) model, VersaTel Net has always been and will cotinue to be a Concierge IT Service Provider.

Although we do offer Managed Services for clients with budget restrictions, our Concierge IT clients never have to hear “That’s not included in your contract.” Our Concierge IT clients have been world-class athletes and internationally-acclaimed celebrities… as well as elite local businesses.
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Let’s Work Together…

Learn how VersaTel Net can bring you first-class IT solutions from industry leaders. Our team’s expertise will get you through each phase: from solution design, implementation, maintenance and support.